Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Quick Tutorial on Paper Piecing.

A few ladies were asking me how I paper piece my images, well here is a very quick tutorial on how to. I'm planning on doing a videos very soon. Hubby is setting me up a frame for my camera so I can get good shots. So for now please excuse this not very good one and I'll do it again in video form soon.

I am using Tess Girl from Unity Stamps. The papers are Dovecraft - Floral Muse.

I've used Tess Girl as there are only 3 pieces and if you are new to paper piecing it is easier to start with the more larger pieces.

Stamp your image onto card. I use black memento and then a clear embossing powder. I do this because I find it is much easier to cut images out with a raised outline. I then colour in the hair and skin. I've used Copics for the skin tones and Shin Hans for the hair.

Ink up the part of your stamp that you need and place it flat down on your surface. Cut a piece of patterned paper big enough to stamp out the piece of clothing you need. Ie in this photo I'm stamping the trousers. Place straight onto the stamp pressing down firmly. Clear emboss.

This is a phot of how your image should look. I'm stamping the shoes in this paper. Tip: Leave an area around the piece you are stamping so you have something to hold while you emboss or you'll burn your fingers!!

Cut out your pieces. I've used a light paper so the lines will show well. 
I find these "snippet" scissors the best to use for the small images. The tips are sharp so they can cut intricate parts really well.

So here I have glued the shoes first as they are in effect the bottom layer and the trousers sit over the top. The blouse will be the last layer.

And here's your final image. Now I can just colour in her nails and necklace with a pen. Also the ground.

I hope this has helped you out for the ladies that asked :0)


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