Sunday, 4 March 2012

Forget the past

Today Im showing an art journal page that I finished on Friday. I was waiting for it to dry but Saturday was such a busy day that I didn't get time to post it. On Saturday we went to Newcastle on the train to the Metro Centre. Wow that is one big shopping centre. Not a lot in the way of craft shops but I did pick up a few bargains in the Works shop.
So onto my page. I'm having trouble taking pics of my pages as my journals don't really open up well but think I may have fixed that now. I picked up a lovely journalling book in Paperchase and it has ring binders. So this should be my last "off" pic for a journal page. Also the pearl shimmer is casting too much shimmer in the photo looks much less in real life.

As always alot of mixed media stuff on this one.The figure is from a collage sheet by Liquid Poppy on Etsy. I used gel medium to get her to blend onto the page. The "words" * are computer generated.

* I am soooo frustrated with myself I just can't write what I want to and when I look at other journalling pages I love the writing on them but just can't do it! My handwriting is atrocious. I thought of using computer generated journalling but then I have to make it look right and blend into the page.

It's making me lean towards taking an online workshop more and more.Maybe the 3 hearts one? Anyone taken this yet?



  1. that is a stunning page. have a good sunday. x

  2. Fabulous page. I signed up to the Strathmore four part series but only completed week one, didn't get inspired by the others but ...... it's open till August and it's free so you might want to check it out.


  3. So fantastic shary and love the colours. haven't yet used collaged images and that's my next step. Maybe try the doodling type of writing that I see many do and it doesn't need to be neat then. Enjoy the rest of your weekend
    x catherine

  4. The colours are beautiful Shary, loving it xxx


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