Thursday, 12 January 2012

Art Journal

After seeing lots of these in several forums and liking the look of them I decided to have a go. Not a brilliant first page but a start!
My art journal will be with the theme of inspirational sayings.

I started off with a cheap book from Asda. It's pages are quite large maybe in hindsight I should have got a smaller one. It has a lovely soft grey cover and some files at the back. I think I'll be making some tags or ATCs to put in them.

I used distress inks, metallic acrylic paints, stamps, pastel pencils, Tim Holtz papers, tissue paper. I couldn't find my gesso so I used a glue instead.

The saying says " Spoken words fly away, written words last forever"

My desk now looks like a bombs hit it and my hands seemed to have turned a funny colour but I had fun and I think that's the main thing!!



  1. looks great, love the softer background lettering and the black/white 'reeds' x

  2. what a yummy cover, love it

  3. Just love it Shary, love the colours and your images. Who wouldn't love those words. Great stuff hugs Cherry XXx


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