Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Lol I made two cards yesterday using the Sketch Saturday sketch and forgot to do a post for them. They've now gone to the kid's teachers so no chance of getting a pic of them. They had Magnolia stamps on them. The desk, pile of books and one had Tilda with glasses for Robbyn's teacher and the other had Edwin with glasses for Tyrrell's teacher.

Must try harder eh?


  1. what a shame....though i bet the teachers were chuffed to pieces with their cards. x

  2. I'm sure they were lovely and I bet the teacher's appreciated receiving them


  3. If your anything like me at the moment don't know what day of the week it is. One finishing college today for 10 weeks(help) and two starting in year 9 all new timetables. I think we can all be excused for things at the moment!!
    x catherine

  4. Oh Shary I am always doing that - I post things and then think err, where's the photo? Always the good things as well!! Cindy


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